Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a list of frequently asked questions about us. Do refer to the questions below. If we did not include the question(s) that you would like to find out more about, feel free to write to us. Thank you!

(updated on 4 September 2021) 

1. Are overnighting/massage services available?

We do not provide overnighting and massage services as the government had disallowed us to do so. 

2. What do you mean by public onsen? What facilities are there? Is there any time limit?

Public onsen refers to a common onsen area shared with others of the same gender. The facilities in our public onsen include a common changing room and shower area, an onsen pool, a cold bath and a sauna room. There is no time limit for visiting our public onsen.

3*. What do you mean by private onsen? What facilities are there? Is there any time limit? What does the private onsen pricing include?

Private onsen refers to having a private onsen room by yourself, without sharing with others. The facilities in our private onsen room include a shower area, a dressing area, a private onsen pool and a sauna room. There will be a time limit of 1 hour 30 minutes per private onsen session. The private onsen pricing includes a 1 hour 30 minutes time limit in the private onsen room, a 1 day pass to public onsen and wearing of yukata. Customers may choose to use the public onsen before and after their private onsen session (Note: You must use the private onsen first if your private onsen slot is between 1100 and 1130). 

4. For private onsen, must it be same-sexed gender or are mixed genders allowed?

Mixed genders are allowed in our private onsen. Hence, our private onsen is ideal for couples or families who would like to spend time in onsen together. 

5. Is your private onsen only meant for couples?

We allow up to a maximum of 5 people in a private onsen room depending on the vaccination status. Our private onsen rooms are not specifically catered for couples (no couple package/room). 

We are only accepting up to 2 pax per onsen entry for private onsen in accordance to the government's latest restrictions (27 Sep - 24 Oct 2021).

6*. Is there any entry restrictions due to vaccination status?

Based on latest Covid-19 Regulations as of 27 September:
a) Maximum in groups of two pax if one or both persons are partially or not vaccinated, must wear mask at all times and no dining in allowed.

b) Maximum in groups of two pax if fully vaccinated, wearing mask is optional and dining in is allowed.

c) Children aged 12 and below can be included in such groups of two (children aged 12 and above must be fully vaccinated to dine in)

d) No entry allowed for groups of more than 2 pax, with the exception of family members under the same household (have to sit separately in groups of two when dining in).

Fully Vaccinated = 2 weeks after second dose

7.* What is the vaccination criteria for entry into onsen?

For partially vaccinated/unvaccinated individuals: Maximum 2 people, must wear mask at all times and strictly no dining in allowed (with effect from 27 September 2021)

For fully vaccinated individuals: Maximum 2 people, need not wear mask in onsen, and dining in allowed (with effect from 27 September 2021) 

8.* I had purchased a public onsen pass. Can I still choose to wear a yukata?

We will only provide jinbei to public onsen customers. Our yukatas are exclusive to private onsen customers. If you would like to wear yukata, there will be an additional charge of $10/pax (with effect from 5 September 2021). 

9.* Does the private onsen pricing include refreshments by default?

Our pricing onsen pricing(s) do not include refreshments by default. Refreshments are chargeable at an additional $7.70/pax including service charge (optional add-on).

10.* How does the private onsen work? What does it include?

Our private onsen includes a time limit of 1 hour 30 minutes for using the private onsen room, and a free 1 day public onsen pass. You may arrive a few hours ahead of your booking time slot to use the public onsen first before your private onsen session, and use the public onsen session again afterwards. 

If your appointment time is at 1100 or 1130, you must go for your private onsen session first before going to public onsen. 

11*. Is booking required for entry into Onsen?

Advance booking is required for private onsen. Booking is not required for public onsen. You may just walk in. 

12*. Why is there a price increment/difference between your pricing shown on Home page and on Booking page? 

The pricing listed on our Home page excludes service charge, whereas the pricing shown on our Booking page includes service charge. 

13*. I tried to make a booking online. However the date(s) I would like to book is unavailable. Is this a glitch in the booking system, or did you block out the date(s) and timeslots for booking?

If you are unable to book for a specific date or time slot, it means that all our available slots for both Private Onsen Room 1 and Private Onsen Room 2 have been fully booked. 

Please book through us directly for slots in October

14*. I see the option for 'All Staff', 'Private Room 1' and 'Private Room 2' when attempting to make private onsen booking. What's the difference between these?

Please ignore the 'All Staff' option as it is a fixed option set by which we are unable to remove or rename. We only have two private rooms available for booking. Private Room 1 and Private Room 2 are different in terms of the orientation. Other than this, the facilities in both rooms are exactly the same. 

Note: We have amended our timeslots for both our Private Rooms. Each room now has a fixed set of booking time. Do filter out the available booking schedules by selecting either Private Room 1 or Private Room 2 when doing your booking. 

15*. Is the $45 a meal bundle set including private onsen?

No, it is not. Our public onsen with refreshment  bundle costs $45 as stated on the Home page of our website. It is not a meal bundle set with private onsen. 

16*. I am uncomfortable with being nude in the onsen. Can I wear my own clothes/swimsuits/wrap myself in towel and soak in the onsen?

As mentioned in our Onsen Etiquette, wearing of own swimsuits or any other type of clothing/towels is not allowed. However, in view of the feedback we had received during our soft opening, we will only allow wearing of swimsuits in private onsen. Wearing own clothing or wrapping in towel is not allowed in both public and private onsen. You may request for disposable undergarments if you are uncomfortable with being completely nude. 

17*. Is there any age limit for entry into onsen?

We do not have any age restrictions for entry into onsen as we encourage family bonding within our premises. However, do supervise your children at all times as we will not be held responsible for any consequences due to negligence. 

18*. Is there any children price for private onsen?

There is no children price for private onsen. As long a child is aged 3 and above, he/she will be considered as 1 pax. Entry into private onsen for infants/toddlers below 3 years old will be free of charge. 

19*. Is reservation required for entry into your cafeteria? Is your cafeteria only exclusive to onsen customers? Can I dine in at your cafeteria without purchasing any onsen services?

Reservation is not required for entry into our cafeteria. You may walk in to dine as long you are fully vaccinated (regardless of the number of pax, with the exception for children below 12 years old - same vaccination criteria as mentioned in 6c and 6d). However, we will prioritise in serving our onsen customers first. We will not allow walk-ins for dining in when we have reached the maximum capacity limit in our cafeteria. 

20*. Can I cancel/reschedule my private onsen booking in the event something crops up and I am no longer able to attend? Will there be any cancellation fees?

Yes, you can cancel/reschedule your booking by logging into our website with the email credentials used when you did your booking on our website. However, if we had booked on your behalf (through phone call/messages/email), you would have to call/message/email to inform us that you would like to cancel your booking. Cancellation fees are applicable if you decide to cancel your booking within 48 hours from your booking date and time (regardless of your reason). There will be no refunds for no-shows (confirmed booking without cancellation or reschedule).

- Separate cancellation policy applies (from the respective third-party platform) if you had purchased our onsen passes through third-party platforms (applies to both public and private onsen). 

- If you selected the "offline payment" option at the booking checkout, please send us a screenshot of your third-party purchase for verification. Otherwise, we will cancel your booking by default on our end upon failure to present the screenshot. 

Regarding Private Onsen Booking

Can I make a booking through phone call/WhatsApp/Facebook message/SMS/Instagram DM?


We strongly encourage you to make your private onsen booking through our booking link as it shows the most updated and available slots (November onwards). We are unable to respond timely to your messages/calls (if during peak period) and by the time we do so, your desired booking timeslot could have been booked by others who made their bookings directly through our booking link. 


However, as we had revised the buffer time between private onsen bookings since our soft opening, several available timeslots are not reflected in our booking link. Hence, if you are looking to get a slot in September and October, do make a phone call to us and let us know the date, timeslot and no of pax you would like to reserve for. We will check against our calendar for any next available slots we managed to fit into our booking calendar. 

"Squeezed-In" Private Onsen slots (September and October only)

Due to the high demand in private onsen bookings, we managed to squeeze out some available slots for private onsen. However, as the timing between private onsen bookings will be very tight, we are unable to afford any time extension for you in the event you are late. Discounts will not be provided for shortened private onsen time allocation due to lateness. Hence, you are strongly advised to arrive at least 30 minutes early before your appointed time for registration and payment. 

Note: We noticed that many did not understand our price rates for private onsen, and asked if it is $60 for 2 people. We would like to clarify that the price on per person basis, depending on the number of people per booking. For example, if 2 people booked for private onsen, the price would be $60/pax instead of our usual rate of $80/pax.