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Relax Together

A Day of Wellness for the Whole Family
At Joya Onsen Cafe, we believe that wellness is for everyone. Our Family Wellness Deal is designed to bring families closer, creating lasting memories of relaxation and togetherness.
If September is going to be your BIRTH MONTH, You can enjoy 20% OFF when you are going to book for our private onsen sessions. Not just that, you can also take advantage of our "Birthday Bliss Package''
Introducing our
Birthday Extravaganza Package
Here we go!! We've got presents waiting just for you. Tap in the gifts below and let the birthday surprises begin!
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Untitled design (2).png
Enjoy a complimentary slice of our Japanese birthday cake infused with seasonal flavors.


Untitled design (1).png


Untitled design (2).png
Sip on your choice of a refreshing drink or  tea from our cafe.




Terms and Conditions:
  1. Birthday packages are exclusively available for individuals celebrating their birthdays during the current month.

  2. Advanced booking is essential to guarantee availability.

  3. Package may vary based on ongoing promotions and availability.

  4. Offers cannot be combined with other promotions

  5. The offer is valid for private onsen bookings only.

Welcome to Joya Community

Dive into what others are raving about us! Discover their favorite Joya Onsen moments, tips and testimonials that make us shine. Get inspired by real stories and find out why they can't get enough of their Joya experience.
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Very fun and I would love to go again! It had a promo for going during December and we had free desserts as well. It was an enjoyable experience and the staff were very friendly

Hui Xin

Interesting experience! nice little cafe w cute photo spots! besides the onsens, there are also lounge chairs to rest. the public onsen is very big and decently empty for weekdays.

Kien Boom Benjamin

Late night dating with my wife and we were enjoyed the entire experience. The hospitality was awesome, the facilities and ambience were good and the food was delicious. Booking through Klook was seamless as usual. 👍👍👍


We have an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon. the facilities and environment made us think we are in Japan. we go on Sunday but not clouded in public pool. Will go again.


Great onsen ! Helpful staff who offers to take pictures for us with the Yukata. The onsen pool is magnificent !

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We've compiled a list of frequently ask questions to provide you with quick and accurate solutions, ensuring a joyful experience. If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to u directly. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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  • What is private onsen?
    Private onsen refers to having a private onsen room by yourself, without sharing with others. The facilities in our private onsen room include a shower area, a dressing area, a private onsen pool and a sauna room. There will be a time limit of 1 hour 30 minutes per private onsen session. The private onsen pricing includes a 1 hour 30 minutes time limit in the private onsen room, a 1 day pass to public onsen and wearing of yukata. Customers may choose to use the public onsen before and after their private onsen session (Note: You must use the private onsen first if your private onsen slot is between 1100 and 1130). You may arrive a few hours ahead of your booking time slot to use the public onsen first before your private onsen session, and use the public onsen session again afterwards.
  • Does the private onsen price include food or drinks by default?
    Our pricing onsen pricing(s) do not include any food or drinks by default. Food or drinks are charged and to be paid for separately at our cafe.
  • Can I cancel/reschedule my private onsen booking in the event something crops up and I am no longer able to attend? Will there be any cancellation fees?
    Due to too many occurrences of last minute booking cancellations/rescheduling, we have revised our cancellation policy and would like to inform you with regards to our updated policy. The updated policy will take effect for bookings dated 12 November onwards. 1. There will be *_no refunds_* for booking cancellations, regardless of how advance you cancel from your booking date. 2. You may choose to either reschedule to another date within 2 months from your booking date or refer your slot to someone on your behalf. 3. If you are unable to reschedule within 2 months from your booking date, the amount you had paid for the booking will be forfeited. 4. There will be no penalty fees for rescheduling last minute (up to 4 working hours before booking timeslot) 5. Rescheduling within 4 working hours from your booking time is *_highly discouraged_* as this leaves us with insufficient time to release the slot to others. Please refer your slot to someone else instead. (Informing us *outside of our working hours does not count* into this. For example, if your booking is on 11am the next day but you only inform at 12am the previous night, it will be considered as attempting to reschedule less than 4 hours from your booking time as we have closed at 10.30pm) 6. There will be no refunds for no-shows (confirmed booking without cancellation or reschedule). 7 Joya Onsen Cafe reserves the right to escalate the issue to relevant authorities if you refuse to abide by our policy. 8. Separate cancellation policy applies (from the respective third-party platform) if you had purchased our onsen passes through third-party platforms (applies to both public and private onsen).
  • I see the option for 'All Staff', 'Private Room 1' and 'Private Room 2' when attempting to make private onsen booking. What's the difference between these?"
    Please ignore the 'All Staff' option as it is a fixed option set by Wix.com which we are unable to remove or rename. We only have two private rooms available for booking. Private Room 1 and Private Room 2 are different in terms of the orientation. Other than this, the facilities in both rooms are the same. Note: We have amended our timeslots for both our Private Rooms. Each room now has a fixed set of booking time. Do filter out the available booking schedules by selecting either Private Room 1 or Private Room 2 when doing your booking.
  • Are mixed genders allowed?
    Mixed genders are allowed in our private onsen. Hence, our private onsen is ideal for couples or families who would like to spend time in onsen together.
  • Is there any children price for private onsen?
    No. As long a child is aged 3 and above, they will be considered as 1 pax. Entry into private onsen for infants/toddlers below 3 years old will be free of charge
  • Can I make a booking through phone call/WhatsApp/Facebook message/SMS/Instagram DM?
    We strongly encourage you to make your private onsen booking through our booking link as it shows the most updated and available slots (November onwards). We are unable to respond timely to your messages/calls (if during peak period) and by the time we do so, your desired booking timeslot could have been booked by others who made their bookings directly through our booking link. For bookings with third-party purchase, please WhatsApp us to secure a slot. Please WhatsApp us to make private onsen bookings with our in-house discount.
  • What is the pricing for private onsen only without public onsen?
    Our private onsen pricing is meant for private onsen only. We included free access to public onsen as an additional benefit without any extra charges for private onsen customers. It is optional to use the public onsen. Hence, the pricing will remain the same if you do not wish to use the public onsen.
  • Can I consume food & drinks in private onsen?
    We allow drinks consumption in private onsen. Food consumption only in cafe area for hygiene reasons.
  • What does 1h 30 minute include?
    The 1 hour 30 minutes time limit is solely meant for private onsen usage. It does not include time spent in public onsen and consuming refreshments. You may use the public onsen/consume your refreshments before or after your private onsen session.
  • What is the maximum pax in private onsen?
    Private Room 1: 5 - 6 Pax (will be squeezy with 6 adults) Private Room 2: 3 - 4 Pax Public as Private Onsen: 7 Pax and above
  • My iPhone event calendar shows that the Private Onsen session is 1 hour. Why is that so?
    All our private onsen sessions are 1 hour 30 minutes by default. We had contacted Wix support previously regarding this, and it is due to the iPhone's own default mechanism that it allocates a default duration of 1 hour in the event calendar. Do note that the duration is manually adjustable.
  • How long in advance should I book for private onsen?
    There is no specific lead time on when you should book for private onsen in advance. You may check out for the available slots on our booking site at www.joyaonsencafe.com/book-online. As long the slot you want is still available, you may book for it.
  • Can I split my booking?
    Although private bookings are not meant to be split, we do accept split bookings upon request. However, do note that additional top-up charges apply for split bookings. Example 2 pax private onsen: $132 Splitting into two 1 pax private onsen sessions equates to two 1 pax private onsen sessions at $88 each. Top-up payable: ($88 x 2) - $132 = $44
  • What do you mean by public onsen? What facilities are there? Is there any time limit?
    Public onsen refers to a common onsen area shared with others of the same gender. The facilities in our public onsen include a common changing room and shower area, an onsen pool, a cold bath and a sauna room. There is no time limit for visiting our public onsen.
  • I had purchased a public onsen pass. Can I still choose to wear a yukata?
    We will only provide jinbei to public onsen customers. Our yukatas are exclusive to private onsen customers. If you would like to wear yukata, there will be an additional charge of $10/pax, and 2 for $15 (with effect from 5 September 2021).
  • How do I book for public onsen?
    We do not do reservations for public onsen. No booking is required; you may just walk-in.
  • How can I be assured and certain that there will vacancies available in public onsen when I walk-in since there's no booking system available?
    You need not worry about the vacancies as we have never exceeded our maximum capacity for public onsen to date. You may walk-in between Tuesdays to Fridays for lower chances of high crowd levels. Alternatively, you may call in to check on the current vacancy before heading down.
  • Are electronic devices allowed?
    It is strictly not allowed due to privacy reasons. There will be high penalty charges. You may only use your electronic device in the cafe or zen garden. Exceptions may be taken upon checking with our staff. Disclaimer: Usage of electronic devices without camera function is highly discouraged due to humidity in the onsen. Joya Onsen Cafe will not be liable for any damaged device as a result of using it in the onsen.
  • I purchased a public onsen pass from a third party platform. How do I make a booking?
    You may walk in for public onsen, no booking is required. If you had purchased from travel sites ( e.g. Klook, Pelago) where a date is required to be selected, it is highly encouraged that you arrive on your selected date. However, in the event that you are unable to come on your selected date, you may walk in on another date as long it is still within the validity period of your third party voucher (1 month from purchase date). Do present us with your third party voucher on the day itself for redemption. Any vouchers not redeemed by the expiry date will be considered as forfeited, and no refunds will be provided. Alternatively, a $2/pax per day extension fee applies for redeeming the voucher after its expiry date.
  • The website homepage states that the public onsen is a '1 Day Pass'. Does it mean that I can choose to stay at Joya Onsen Cafe overnight?
    The '1 Day Pass' refers to being able to hang around at our public onsen within our operating hours with no time limit. Our operating hours are from 1100-2300 daily. Hence, the latest timing customers can stay till for public onsen is 2300. '1 Day Pass' does not refer to staying overnight. We do not provide overnighting services as the government disallows us to do so.
  • Does the full day pass public onsen price include free food?
    Our full day public onsen pricing does not include free food. Food have to be paid for separately at our cafe. You may purchase our onsen refreshment for a main dish, dessert and drink for $7.70 at our reception or cafe.
  • Is reservation required for entry into your cafeteria? Is your cafeteria only exclusive to onsen customers? Can I dine in at your cafeteria without purchasing any onsen services?
    Reservation is not required for entry into our cafeteria. You may walk in to dine as long you are fully vaccinated (regardless of the number of pax, with the exception for children below 12 years old). However, we will prioritise in serving our onsen customers first. We will not allow walk-ins for dining in when we have reached the maximum capacity limit in our cafeteria.
  • What meal sets are available?
    We have new traditional rice/noodle sets available now at $19.80 including service charge. Each set includes 1 main dish, 1 side dish, 1 ice cream and 1 drink. Main Dish: Any Donburi OR Noodles (Udon/Ramen/Soba) Side Dish: Any side ($3 and below only) Ice cream: self-pick from freezer Drink: Any drink of choice from menu *Service charge waived with onsen bundle.*
  • Are the vegetarian hot dishes available?
    Our vegetarian hot dishes are no longer available with effect from 1 June 2022 until further notice. We still have the crispy sides available (S10, C1, C2 and C3).
  • What are the cafe operating hours?
    Our cafe operating hours are from 1100 - 2200. Last order for dine-in: 2140 Last order for takeaway: 2150 Last order for crispy sides (prepared by vegetarian restaurant): 2050
  • Is your cafe halal certified?
    We are not halal certified. However our sushi, gelato and noodles do not contain pork or alcohol. Disclaimer: Our tonkotsu ramen consist of pork broth, which is contaminated with the utensils that we use to prepare the other dishes. You may proceed to purchase from our cafe if you do not mind the contamination involved.
  • Do you sell gift vouchers?
    Yes we do sell customised e gift vouchers. The date of validity will be 3 months from date of purchase. Booking not allowed on PH, PH eve and PH off in lieu. PH = Public Holiday Please provide us the following information through email/whatsapp. Name of recipient(s): Public/Private onsen: No. of pax: Rice/Noodle Meal Set ($19.80 each): yes/no No. of Meal set (if 'yes' to above): Number of onsen sessions: Your name: Your number: Your email:
  • Is there any age limit for entry into onsen?
    We do not have any age restrictions for entry into onsen as we encourage family bonding within our premises. However, do always supervise your children as we will not be held responsible for any consequences due to negligence. Disclaimer: Although there is no age limit for entry, we highly discourage infants/toddlers who are unable to control their bladder from entering the onsen, as the onsen bath has to be kept clean at all times. Customers who let their infant/children defecate/urinate in our onsen bath will be liable to penalty charges.
  • I am uncomfortable with being nude in the onsen. Can I wear my own clothes/swimsuits/wrap myself in towel and soak in the onsen?
    As mentioned in our Onsen Etiquette, it is recommended to enjoy onsen fully nude to have the full Japanese onsen experience. However, we understand that Singapore residents are more conservative and are mostly uncomfortable with being nude in the onsen. Therefore, we do provide disposable undergarments as an alternative option to customers. Wearing of own clothes/undergarments and wrapping yourself in towel is strictly not allowed in both public and private onsen for hygiene reasons. We allow clean swimsuits in private onsen only due to popular request. Private onsen customers have to change out from their swimsuit when using the public onsen before and/or after their private onsen session. Wearing swimsuits is strictly not allowed in public onsen. *Disclaimer: We will not provide swimsuits. You may bring swimsuit at your own expense; we will not be responsible for any discoloration.*
  • I tried to make a booking online. However, the date(s) I would like to book is unavailable. Is this a glitch in the booking system, or did you block out the date(s) and timeslots for booking?"
    If you are unable to book for a specific date or time slot, it means that all our available slots for both Private Onsen Room 1 and Private Onsen Room 2 have been fully booked.
  • Are overnighting/massage services available?
    We do not provide overnighting and massage services as the government had disallowed us to do so.
  • Are pregnant women allowed in onsen?
    Yes, pregnant women are allowed in onsen. However, they are strongly encouraged to take extra precaution due to potential health hazards from the onsen bath (approximately 40 degrees Celsius) which may cause dizziness, as well as slippery floors. Do take frequent breaks in between baths and hydrate yourself frequently. Joya Onsen Cafe will not be responsible for any health hazards/health consequences.
  • Is there any complimentary parking?
    There's no complimentary parking available at d'Arena. The parking rates are as follows: Car: $1.20/hour Lorry: $2.40/hour Motorcycle: $0.80 Per Entry Per Day Disclaimer: Joya Onsen Cafe is not in charge parking charges at d'Arena. Kindly contact d'Arena at @darena.sg on Instagram for any further enquiries regarding parking rates.
  • I have booked for a private onsen session and my iPhone event calendar reflects it as a 1 hour session. Why is that so?
    Our private onsen session is 1 hour 30 minutes by default. We had contact Wix support previously regarding this, and it is due to the iPhone's own default mechanism to allocate 1 hour default time allocation. Do note that the iPhone event time duration is manually adjustable.
  • How do I get to Joya Onsen Cafe?
    We are located at: 511 Upper Jurong Road D'Arena, #01-06 Singapore 638366 How to get here : A) Joo Koon Route 1. Alight at Joo Koon MRT station 2. 1 stop from bus interchange (bus 99 or 974) 3. Cross the road to D'Arena B) Boon Lay Route 1. Alight at Boon Lay MRT station 2. 10 stops from bus interchange (bus 192) 3. We are right infront! Our opening hours: 1100-2300 daily (Mondays to Sundays)
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